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CONFINED...a moment to reflect and reorganise work and life

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This website was launched mid june 2020, and thus there is no past to explore in my blog.

And the first post is on "hibernation mode" . I have been confined in Mexico since mid March. I was attending a cacao and chocolate in Brazil when borders all over the world started to be closed. A run to the family home and have been working and cooking a lot with chocolate since. I am in a very privileged situation, and grateful to life, but cannot stop thinking of all those who are struggling more than ever, or directly affected by the loss of a beloved one.

From my small oasis I take this opportunity to rethink priorities, patterns and values of my life and work. How to be able to contribute the best way possible to the world of cacao and chocolate.

I shall keep you posted!

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It is so nice to see your new website and blog. Covid-19 has made many people re-think priorities and values, it has happened here to me at Chocolatras Online too. But two things haven't changed: my passion for chocolate and the desire to contribute to the world somehow. I want the same as you. Let's keep in touch, my friend!

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