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Cacao style and quality are key to the style and quality of the final chocolate. You will learn the methods used by professionals to measure and describe fermentation, defects and organoleptic properties :  the cut test and the cacao grader method.

All these are essential for an optimal communication between sellers and buyers  and for determining  the potential price for the cacao in the market


Duration :1 /2 to or 1 day

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The world of speciality cacao is very similar to the world of speciality coffee: origins, trends, traceability, transparency, marketing, quality, styles. Discover what are the most expensive or trendy cacaos and the reasons behind their success. Explore the business models and marketing of successful traders.That you are a chocolate maker or a cacao producer or trader, you need to understand the market and the competition.


Duration :1/2 day

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Learn how to make chocolate from cacao beans  and sugar using a small stone grinder. It is the method used by small craft chocolate brands as well as for cacao quality analysis.  You will live and learn the different steps in the making, understanding the contribution of each one and the  key elements for quality.

A class for amateurs or professionals.


Duration :1 or 3 days.

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The world of cacao and chocolate has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. Cacao plantations, genetics, business models of cacao traders, communication on quality and origins, birth and evolution of the "bean to bar movement " worldwide, what the consumer is buying  and the questions they are asking . A talk rich in information that will help you to better understand the market to make the best desicions for your business.

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To develop the style and quality of your products  you  need to have the tools and know how to evaluate and describe the style and the quality of chocolate, yours and the competition. 

It is also essential for you and your staff to be able to convey to your customers the personality of your chocolates, selling or on the packaging.

Duration :  2 to 4h

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PACKAGING and MOLDS in Craft chocolate

Packaging is the first contact with any customer. They are essential for the success of the sales. Explore the rich diversity of molds and packagings used for chocolate bars. Their technical specificities and the messages their style and texts convey. Ideal if you are designing the packagings for your brand. 

Amateurs will become connaisseurs on how to read packaging.


Duration :1/2 day.

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