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tours cacao countries
We regularly organise tours  of plantations and factories in  the following cacao growing countries:
- Bolivia
- Mexico
- Brasil
- Venezuela
During one week you will visit  different types of cacao plantations ( from the small farmers , cooperatives, or  exporting business),   local chocolate factories and craft chocolate makers and warehouses. You will meet the people,  understand their values and methods, and grasp the complexity of the whole chain until the cacao bags are loaded into containers. 
It is also a perfect opportunity to discover the culture and nature of these beautiful countries: markets, beaches , archeological sites, local food, and .. the marvellous people.
Let us know if you are interested and we will contact you as soon as dates are set.
Private tours with specific goals can also be organised.
Please send us an email if you wish to be contacted next time we organise one of those tours.


tour paris
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We all loooove chocolate. But Chloé's passion for chocolate is unique and inspiring. It has been a true love affair for over 25 years that led her to become one of the most respected chocolate experts in the world. She shares her extensive experience and knowledge during an unforgettable adventure in Paris.


 The tour starts with an introductory class on the art of tasting chocolate (around 45 mn)  and is followed by a 2 to 2.5 hour walking tour to the most prestigious chocolatiers of Paris (usually 6 shops), with indulgent tastings. Chloé's expertise in the world of chocolate is unparalleled, her explanations are clear and full of practical tips, and her passion is simply contagious. After this half-day tour, you will never look at chocolate the same way again. 

Please contact us if you wish to arrange such a tour. Chloe  travels around the world most of the year and dates in Paris need to be booked in advance. Thank you.

BEAN TO BAR LABS around the world

tour btb labs
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Chloe  has been following and supporting a  big number of Craft chocolate makers around the world since the Bean to Bar movement was  born, around 2000.  She can organize tours " à la carte" of bean to bar labs and speciality chocolate shops in many cities or regions around the world. This privileged access as well as her  wide knowledge of the brands, their journey and their products is a unique opportunity to know and understand  this very specific market of " speciality chocolate".

Most common places requested : East and West Coast USA, most Latin American capitals ( specially Sao Paolo, Quito, Caracas, Mexico) , London, Paris, Tokyo.

Contact us for any special need. 

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