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We propose a wide range of classes. Explore the possibilities and contact us to make it happen. That you wish to become a chocolate connoisseur or work with cacao or chocolate, all topics are relevant, and can be adapted to your needs or desires. All classes can be in  English, Spanish or French.
Check the upcoming events, they may be close to your home!

All classes in English, Spanish or French.

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Just like wines, cheeses and coffees, there is an amazing diversity of qualities and styles in the world of chocolate. We propose numerous "educational events"  that will change forever your relationship with chocolate and make you a connoisseur. Chocolate is fun, pleasurable, and makes the world a fascinating place.  

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Professionals often need to deepen some specific topics to develop or improve their business : cacao quality evaluation and selection, so many possible interpretations  of a cacao into different chocolates, roasting, refining, recipes, aging, packaging, storage, marketing, chocolate quality evaluation, staff training. 

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Chloe  has an extensive experience working with cacao communities. From teaching how to evaluate quality and help to find a market for their cacaos to training how to make  chocolate using the tools and ingredients from their own community.


We organise regularly tours in cacao growing countries, visiting diverse plantations models, post harvest and storage facilities.. and meet the cacao producers. 

We also organise private walking tours of the best chocolate shops in Paris ( France).

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