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Americans make the revolution in the world of fine chocolate ! The precursors Sharffenberger (1996) and Setve De Vries (2002) inspired a group of chocolate makers that has since started an international trends of small bean to bar makers around the world.  In 2006, they were only 5, now they are more than 40 companies producing chocolate handcraft   bean to bar all over the USA.

 They are the American micro batch bean to bar artisanal, companies founded by 1 or 2 people, producing small batches of fine chocolate bars from top quality beans, in batches often smaller than 20 kg conch, in vintage equipment restored, or Indian spices adapted to chocolate making. Ingredients are often reduced to the minimum cacao + sugar.

For the first time in France, we propose a kit to discover some of the best off these brands- Moreover, we selected mainly the Madagascan origin for their bars to allow you to discover the specificity of each brand, as they all purchase this origin from the same supplier.
The quality of these chocolates has often surpassed the quality of the best Europeans. Sceptical? Try !

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MADE IN USA (out of stock)

Discover the American chocolates shaking worldwide the gourmet chocolate world !

Six bars selected among the best off American bean to  bar microbatchers.

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